Introducing the Apps

We’ve been quite busy starting our study in Dar es Salaam, so we apologize for the slow update. Although we have suffered some setbacks (some children not showing up for the pre-testing, nor for the intervention–not to mention the still-MIA tablets), we are stunned by what we have managed to observe: Children mastered most of the game dynamics within minutes of first getting their hands on the tablets. For tonight, we want to introduce you to the egoTeach games the children are playing with. In much the way we show children (except you have to watch me play, instead of playing yourself: sorry for that!), I will not explain what you are seeing. However, I’m sure the concepts they can learn in these games will be apparent. More soon on the interactions we’ve seen so far, and I may let slip a bit more about our setbacks running the pilot here, how we’ve tried to smooth them over, and what he have learned. After all, adaptation and self-teaching are our central tenets–alongside fun, of course! Until we get our public beta started (soon!), I hope this demo will appease you:

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  • Great to hear from you all, we know you are very busy. Thanks for the demo of the egoTeach apps, all the games look like fun to play! Happy Thanksgiving and good wishes to you from your family and friends in the US.

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